Thought of the Day – October the 9th

His time.

This is everything about. It’s only about His time.

Galathians 4.4a – ὅτε δὲ ἦλθεν τὸ πλήρωμα τοῦ χρόνου – The appropriateness of time, the fullness of time, the completion of time, the arrival of the time set by God the Father, das Erfüllen der Zeit, die Fülle der Zeit, die Zeit die von Gott festgesetzt war, das kommen der Zeit, oder das ankommen, das dasein eines festgesetzten Zeitpunkt  – it’s all about the same thing – God holds each and every second in His very hand, and nothing can happen out of His time, out of a certain timepoint.

And there is comfort from knowing that “my times are in Your hand”(Ps.31.15).

Can I add even a second (a cubit, an hour – Matth.6.27) to the life of a human being? (Or only worry is a wrong instrument to prolongue life? 🙂 ) Can I, really? Being a doctor, being learned that we are some sort of little gods, and there is a certain journey of the soul to come to the point to surrender all things in those Hands who actually kept everything there the whole time. It was only me fooling myself.

And how great the liberation! I am not in control, and I am not supposed to be.

But do I love His timetable? His not answering to my fervent prayers, to hurry or slow down some things I think were for my good and the good of others?

We were in Prague not so long ago, and that Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Square… It’s marvelous. It’s a must-see-and-ponder!


I’ll rejoice in taking His time one second at a time today. For tomorrow will worry for itself!

Thought of the day – October the 7th

Someone died this very morning. It was not quite what we as a team expected, and that made me gloomy.

Having joy in the midst of sorrow – how to wheep with those who wheep, and having joy at once. Is it even possible?

Imagini pentru kosoff mist hills

Source – Brian Kosoff


Rejoice with those who rejoice, and wheep with those who wheep. Can I? Can you?

Wandering in the halls of my hospital, I was wondering. How much comfort am I able to offer those who have no answer to their prayers, not understanding God as they desire… Do I? Understand Him?I might not understand Him, and I am not even daring enough to claim I ever could. But I know Him. He loves. Me. And all the lovable and not so loveable around me. But He loves. Because He is Love. And I delight today in His love and care. I am precious. Everyone of you out there is. Because He created me. And took delight in watching so far over me. And even in the adversities of my life so far, knowing and relishing in His love, I felt at peace – knowing this world is not anymore as it was initially created by God. Seeing it all day long around me. So many cancer patients. So many young patients. So much despair. And so much deceit. Satan is gaining land. But Jesus’ return is close. He is about to come. And there, in the land beyond this created world, there will be peace, and no more pain or suffering. Help me, Lord, not to ever forget all these!

Thought of the Day – October the 6th

Oh, my!

What a weekend!

Or what a first-day-of-the-week! 🙂 What a start of the week, then!


All week long I had this passage in mind, Phillipians 3, especially verses 8-11. Considering everything a loss (NIV) or Regarding all things as liabilities (NET). Why? Because I choose to compare everything to something greater – the far greater value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord (NET), which is of a suprassing worth.

And by reading the Epistle through and through – I found, again, something that needs to change my way of thinking. Depressive thinking. The sense of my living in this world is not for myself – it is more necessary for others (!) that I remain in this body of mine. (Phil.1.24) And in that context, it’s so right desiring for that Blessed Heaven Jesus is preparing for me, but it’s not yet time to go there.

And then – the sermon yesterday at church – Phillipians 3! Isn’t God loving? Isn’t He delighting in reminding us (me) He is in control? And woe betide me if I won’t rejoice this very truth!

So – Joy to the World! Joy to those beliving in His Son – nothing is in vain, and He is about to get all glory for whatever I am to go through!

BUT – not the way I imagine He will.

So, today, count your blessings. I have already started counting mine! 🙂