Thought of the day – October the 3rd, 2014


“To let yourself be loved is to trust a person with every bit of your dark corners and to hope and know that they’ll stick around even after seeing them.”

Just a little thought I caught up today from my readings. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Thought of the day – October the 3rd, 2014

    • I was just reading your “Are Christians unloving?” and I can only agree with most of your thoughts. BUT, I fear we are usually almost uncapable to let others love us – since I am not by far the more or less beatiful image people make of myself. And it’s not the passionate love we lack – rather love itself – that action-love, do-love, not the feel-love. 🙂 And yes, I am to train myself to appreciate and return the love I get. Starting with my imperfect but so loving family! Unconditional love seems to me something more surreal, of godly descent,and we are not able to love as such, not as humble, human creatures. And by the way, don’t you think that the mere act of calling ourselves humble makes as as far as humbleness as one can only possibly be?
      Loved to read your philosophyzing. And you reminded me of my own pondering upon the decent or proper way men should show other men their genuine concern and care. Thanks.

      • Yes I do agree, and when I mentioned passionate love, I didn’t mean sex, but strong, active love. My Dad always said that if we think we are humble we are not-I’m not sure if that’s quite right, but if we are proud of being humble, then we are not humble. It sounds like perhaps you have a low self-image and so you can’t accept love easily-that isn’t Biblical humility, and thinking too little of yourself is not a good thing: “love your neighbor as yourself” said Jesus, so if you don’t love yourself, in a Biblical way, it will be harder to love others.
        I’ve had the problem of very low self esteem (God didn’t make me beautiful either) in my past. The way to get over that is to be your own best friend, and to thank God for making you different and making you who you are.

  1. I agree with you. With one mention – or two. I wasn’t referring to sex as passionate love either. And I wasn’t implying physical beauty when talking about me not being the beautiful image people make of one – because we never really are as good as people tend to see us. Because there are so many things others don’t know of ourselves. Except our spouse, of course. And not even them… Some dark corners are known only by God. And I do believe, indeed, low self-esteem is something only God can heal. Because He delighted in creating me and you, and each of His creatures. It’s this world of ours that makes one think being “cool” or looking “good” is imperative to be accepted. And usually it is.
    And humbleness – people just tend to overlook their own flaws – and I don’t think I will ever be objective enough to call myself rightfully humble. I think.

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