Thought of the Day – October the 6th

Oh, my!

What a weekend!

Or what a first-day-of-the-week! 🙂 What a start of the week, then!


All week long I had this passage in mind, Phillipians 3, especially verses 8-11. Considering everything a loss (NIV) or Regarding all things as liabilities (NET). Why? Because I choose to compare everything to something greater – the far greater value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord (NET), which is of a suprassing worth.

And by reading the Epistle through and through – I found, again, something that needs to change my way of thinking. Depressive thinking. The sense of my living in this world is not for myself – it is more necessary for others (!) that I remain in this body of mine. (Phil.1.24) And in that context, it’s so right desiring for that Blessed Heaven Jesus is preparing for me, but it’s not yet time to go there.

And then – the sermon yesterday at church – Phillipians 3! Isn’t God loving? Isn’t He delighting in reminding us (me) He is in control? And woe betide me if I won’t rejoice this very truth!

So – Joy to the World! Joy to those beliving in His Son – nothing is in vain, and He is about to get all glory for whatever I am to go through!

BUT – not the way I imagine He will.

So, today, count your blessings. I have already started counting mine! 🙂

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