Thought of the day – the 18th of november. A costly sacrifice

Some things are only for the heart. My heart.

Some other things, are for everyone to see. I am a permanent “spectacle”, both to angels and men.

But my offerings… my sacrifice… it should be something that should be definitely costing me. Something.

David saw it as mandatory – 2Sam.24.24. He was not willing to accept something cheap, something inexpensive…

What’s expensive to me today? What does it mean to leave all…?

To give…

Grace is for free. But doesn’t such free, exuberant gift – the sacrifice of God’s Son on the cross – prompt me to be no less exuberant myself?

Walking with Him, following in His steps, day by day – loving the lovable, enjoying the beautiful, savouring the pleasure… is this sacrifice? It’s rather ego-centrical serving, as long as all is so good, so plentyful, as long as I don’t lack health, money, children, all my wishes fullfilled…

When is it becoming obvious that, to me, it’s all about me, and not Him?

When my sacrifice is of no cost anymore. I have plenty, and can afford to be generous. Will I be generous with my love, my declarations, my praises and worshipful prayers,  when things stop to be that pleasant? When the sky turns grey, and my heart aches, when pain is not another one’s story, but mine? When persecution is a reality, when unlovable (unloving) persons surround one, when children are disobedient, or rebellious, when illness creeps in my life, when depression and exhaustion touches my otherwise joyful me… am I than willing to bring my offering – costly as it is (forgiveness, joy amidst affliction and pain, prayers – even if there’s still no answer…) ?

It’s my choice today, not being willing to bring an offering that won’t cost me a thing. And when all things are going well, and my life seems to be way too pleasant down here, I’ll turn my head to the sky, and my ears toward those moaning persecuted brothers and sisters of mine around the world, and keep praying for their victory. And mine too.

Beautiful post by Matt Anslow –


though this story of the widow means much more to me. It’s a declaration of her dependence on God, not looking at things as they might have seemed to be, but faithfully bringing her personal offering, as small as it might seem. A thankful, grateful heart. Content with giving all she had.

Am I, today, willing to be thankful? To give more than some trifles I won’t miss the very next second?

So help me God. And you!