Beautiful thoughts.

These are not my own thoughts. I made them mine. I digested them and grabbed them for my own heart!

“Everything in life has its cost. Starting with the ordinary chewing-gum (which our kids stick under the pews in church), and up to the most expensive villa. Nothing is for free. We pay for our carelessness, for theft, for negligence. We pay for private lessons, for fast-food, for clothes. We pay for our illnesses, for our families, for our desires. And everything has its price. We pay with money, with our time, with our health. Nicolae Iorga was saying that we pay the rent of this life with our sufferings… No matter how, it´s for sure that we are constrained to do so.

Watching from a different angle this short journey called life, we realize we are merchants as well. Nevertheless, we are pretty blundering in the art of exchange. Most of times we are dishonest, and then we end up by being the losers as well.

We sell our peace cheaply, for only one easily spoken word. We sell our love for a cup of juice and a frozen carnation. We sell our real friends for some rich strangers. We offer a lot for almost nothing instead, we change valuables for scratches…

At the beginning of this world, when Adam and Eve were walking through paradise, God didn´t ask for any rent. They weren´t paying for heat, for water, not even for the shadow the huge palms would cast. Nothing. And then they ate the forbidden fruit and realized that slightly sour taste is of high expense. High. Adam wished to reach in his pocket, get his card and wave it victoriously before Eve´s eyes, but he felt as being hit by a stroke. They served dinner in town, but had no money to pay for the consummation. (I guess they were Romanians. We are those who can get in such a situation.)

They rose ashamed from the vegan meal they had improvised on burdock leaves and hid somewhere in the setting. God came then with their paying check and the two bankrupts had to acquit all that for lifetime. But they didn´t.

God always offers a second chance. He gave them clothes to cover up their bodies. Then He kindly took their hand and showed them the exit of the garden. As soon as they did the very first step outside, they felt a shiver form head to toes – a longing for heaven. They looked back with an aching heart, sighed deeply and went away. Since then, they paid for each and every meal they took and Adam never took Eve out to dinner again.

Nevertheless, God followed His plans. He has a solution for everything. He laid out a bounteous feast, a majestic wedding, at which he invited all people, indiscriminately. And as He wanted to be sure there won’t be a recurring at the Eden scene, He sent Someone to pay for all the cost. He not only paid for every invited person at the heavenly feast, but He acquitted the dinner Adam and Eve served once, as well. And this time, the price was observed: death!!!

Preparations for the big feast are ongoing. There is a big turmoil in heaven. Everything needs to be perfect. God is anxiously looking forward to greet His guests and is watching the clock over and over. There’s not much time left!  The wedding feast is about to start. Make sure you’re attending too!

 (author: Sefora Geantă)

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