Things “happen”. People fall, they sin, they hurt each other… they gossip, they harm others… Some accidents “happen.”

One close friend had a car accident. Noone was seriously hurt, but his meditation on that made me think. He was guilty of that accident. Reading some text-messages on his phone while driving, one very hot summer afternoon, country-side… and hitting two other cars.

Stories like that might be “interesting” to share when you’re the victim. His wordings -“that’s easy” – while I wouldn’t ever called it easy… but when you are the guilty one… you’d rather be back to school, with your teacher punishing you to write 100-times (or more!) “I’ll never use my cell-phone while driving” than re-telling your own failure to each curious inquierer… again and again… Seeing yourself as the one to blame, eyes tearfully dropped at feet-level… and then, standing with all the Church at Lord’s Supper, not seeing you worthy to be part at it, other then by falling with your face in the dirt at the feet of the Cross… and weepingly singing that great old hymn Amazing Grace… Being forgiven. Having lost a car, a reputation, a driver license… but being humbled and washed in Jesus’ blood, at the Cross. Again. To go then, and sin no more.