Tuesday – The Grace of a humble spirit

There is nothing natural or common in humbleness. Being human is anything else but being humble. Being touched by grace makes you stop. Grace, in the person and ministry of Jesus Christ, overwhelms you. How do you get born again? How can you be the same after you meet Grace? Really meet Grace…

There is something in that Grace that makes you stop and never be the same. The grace of deep, totally unconditional love. Because the moment it comes in your live, it overwhelms you and changes you up to your most hidden chamber of heart. The peace that flows from such an experience… once you taste it, you can’t get enough of it!

Humbleness is something highly attractive in a human being. Not boasting pride, nor false modesty. One heart speaks to another, and there is no hiding place or mask. It’s only your “guts” telling you there’s nothing true or likeable in this other one. 

Humbleness cannot be taught. You earn it, you achieve it through a crushed spirit, and this is nothing one can desire for himself, but nevertheless, there is none who might not benefit of the treasure of this soft and kind heart that errects in the aftermath. Kind and humble it comes to see a changed world. But well, amazing work! The change of my heart opens my eyes to see an unchanged world in a totally different light. A new light. Or are my eyes new… 

Desiring humbleness in my heart makes me a different person. I see it. And others as well.

Even if you cannot possibly be aware of your own humbleness, it will attract others as a jar of precious honey. And you’ll know that you are just as God wants you to be and as He delights in you when others will find Him, will love Him more by walking by your side. By getting to know you.

A humble spirit is a graceful gift, that will honor God more than setting and collecting praises for myself. So I will know that all is fine, when I’ll know that it is all about Him. Not about me.

And may His Holy Spirit do this amazing work in this life of a medical doctor that I have.

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