Nature… or the beauty of the detail

descărcare (1)

source – First day of Hawksbill Turtle

Nature is such a beautiful thing. Some would call it „mother.” Since there is something related to a mother to it. The way nature itself nurtures the living creatures that make it actually up.

First day of out-of-the-egg life of this little turtle – and its adventure is already ongoing. Surviving it up to leaving its eggshell, and then… the exhausting road to the water… the first dive… and then, the first swim – with no swimming lessons so far… no lessons needed.

My first day as a child – no conscious memories kept. The first glips of my firstborn child… oh, the beauty of the details! Her her tiny-little fingers, and them already too long nails… her dark, straggly hair… and her eyes! So much beauty! Our beloved princess. Already 15y gone…

Beyond the joy of a parent, there is a much neglected and unnoticed joy in heaven, for each creature that comes to life… and even more for those coming to Life! And all the way is filled up to saturation with tiny little glimpses of Him, His fingerprint laid all over the place… you need proper looking to see. Or maybe some special, detail-oriented eyes of a different kind – maybe it is a thing that can be learned, but some just arrive in this world with this sort of accessoire – born, natural… a graceful gift of a humble and caring heart. Because there it is where it all starts – in the heart.

So guard your heart, above all else, for everything you do flows from it (Prov.4.23).

And pay attention to the details – because Little Details make Great Stories. And so is the story of your very life! And it all starts with the very first day – today.

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