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It’s called kintsugi and ever since I first read about this Japanese art of restoring and treasuring broken things, it made me thoughtful of how precious a broken heart is in God’s eyes. It is Him that comes and restores me and my brokenness, since it is Him who calls precious and welcomes a broken heart… mine.


Hearts can be broken by many things. And the more years I gather in my walking on the paths of this Earth, it seems like it is my going after this or that idol that breaks me. But God has an untiring way of restoring me, again and again, calling me in His Arms, to find everlasting rest and joy, and my deceitful heart trying again and again its own, rebelious departure…

Lord, may I find peace in this shattered heart of mine, hope at the Cross and joy at the feast You are unfolding daily in front of my eyes, in front of my ears, surrounding my delicate soul. Because it is men You created to rejoice in the midst of all You have created in this world. And even more – in the marvelous, unthinkable world to come, of which we may, from time to time, see and feel but a glimpse.

May I have the blessed and graceful life of a redeemed sinner, awaiting You to come and lead me Home, whenever You know it is time.