Too much love? It WILL kill you.


source – KaterinaLover

Is there such thing as „too much” love?

Brian May would sing so – and it is a gorgeous song, but the lyrics… painful ones. Sure… painful. But is it true? Maybe, but from a different point of view. Not just like that.

I have just met a sweet couple, married for 42 years, which cannot have enough of loving each other, especially knowing that he is coming to the close of his life, being a metastatic prostate cancer patient for some years now… Seeing her with a severe loss of weight, just reflecting his own loss… seeing her loss of appetite, just a mirror of his own loss… her tears running down her cheeks – a mere reflection of the weeping of his soul… made me hurt and feel a deep sorrow in my heart.

Is there any help for her? She sees no sense in stopping loving him. Her lack of sleep and food is almost suicidal, it is going to kill her in the end, if nothing changes. His state of being cannot change, not medically, not humanly. But… her perspective might.

This is the aim – to help her see things from a different light. Offering support, counseling and comfort, and in all this time, we learn how to hold space for her. It is a challenge.

Is there such thing as too much love? At times, it seems so. And at times, I suspect, it might kill you, if it isn’t a rightful love. Can it be unrightful? I suspect so. This love of yours can be an idol itself. Since there is a higher love than that ordered by God… you are to love HIM with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength/mind – Deut.6.5, Matt.22.37. Can there be more than that? With all your heart? With all you have and are? It is complete. Supreme. It is not too much. It is ALL. But if you direct that love of yours to anything else… it might kill you, indeed. And not only for this short life we live here, in this world. But for the whole eternity.

I search my own heart today. And I look for any killing seed that hides there. Learning not to love anyone more than my Lord.

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